BlueMouse Education

CMS - Classroom Management System

School Pathways

The CMS is a complete classroom-based management tool. The many great features will make the organization and planning of classes easier and more useful for all involved. It also integrates seamlessly with the BlueMouse PLS for students taking individualized curriculum.

  • Create master curriculum with assignments and objectives correlated to state standards.
  • Customize your master curriculum on a daily basis without changing the master.
  • Ability to use the over 5000 lesson plans already in the School Pathways database.
  • As easy-to-use color-coded interface.
  • An easy way to view any student's basic information on your class rosters including contacts, parents/guardians, class schedules, emergency card, SPED, 504, or EL accommodations, and attendance.
  • A totally integrated grade book customizable with the ability to make assignments directly from your master curriculum. Teachers can also link a syllabus, homework handout, or assignment announcement to the parent/student portal through the grade book.
  • A direct link from the grade book to the parent/student portal where attendance in classes, assignments, assignment grades, grade averages, two-way communication between teacher and student or teacher and parent, and teacher newsletters can be accessed.
  • Ability to take electronic attendance for ADA or informational classes.
  • Ability to enter grades for import into progress/report cards printed by administration.

Pricing: There are no extra fees for the CMS. The price of the CMS is included in the price of SpSIS.

For more information - Contact School Pathways, or call us at: 866-200-6936.