Personalized Learning System

School Pathways

The PLS - Personalized Learning System software is a web-based tool used by teachers to organize a full range of curriculum for one individual student while doing the same for all other students on his/her roster.

The PLS supports a rich, dynamic curriculum database containing over 5000 prebuilt curriculum frameworks. These frameworks map and highlight the appropriate skills, objectives, assignments and assessments a student might engage in to learn the specific subject matter. Teachers can easily customize the database maps to fit the needs of the individual student. Curriculum assignments are aligned to state standards enabling the software to track the standards as they are assigned. The resulting reports permit educators to address instructional deficiencies well ahead of standardized testing dates.

The PLS manages the task of delivering individualized lesson plans to meet the needs of each student. Even site-based teachers can personalize curriculum maps to support and define specific student classroom needs. Alternative Education teachers (Independent Study, Home Hospital, Continuation Schools, Adult Education, Court Schools, Community Day programs, etc.) finally have a responsive assignment and student learning management capability previously unavailable in Alternative Education settings.

For California schools, Independent Study master agreements and compliance requirements are fully met as part of the assignment process itself, ensuring that records are compliant and ADA monies are secured. PLS software has received acclaim from auditors and WASC teams statewide and is the only private company software to be featured in the CASBO Audit Guide.


The cost of the PLS is less than the cost of one textbook per student per year. You pay only for those students active in program. Training is included, there are no setup fees, and unlimited phone support gives you peace of mind. And because the PLS is curriculum based, monies spent are eligible for SB740 funding!

This is a sampling of our pricing matrix. We also have discounts that your school might qualify for! Contact us for more details.

Student Count 0 -49 50 -499 500 -999 1000 -1499 1500 & up
Base Price: $150/mo.


Pricing is based per student per fiscal year for a 12 month billing cycle. We bill incrementally by student beyond the minimum so that you are only charged for actual usage.

For more information - Contact School Pathways, or call us at: 866-200-6936.