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Similar products on the market today only provide teachers with the ability to type in their own lessons plans. This means teachers still have to do all the work! ReportWriter gives teachers the ability to choose lesson plans from over 3500 different texts already in the program and organized into weekly or monthly lesson plans. It also lets them customize each assignment to meet the specific needs of each student because there's no such thing as one size fits all!

    ReportWriter gives lesson objectives for each assignment made and tracks the State Standards students are attempting!

    State Standards are tracked in core classes, so you always know what standards have been attempted through coursework.

    Teachers can choose a detailed lesson plan or a summarized report - and - personalize each report with grades and comments! You can also automatically generate Master Agreements, Progress Reports, Report Cards, Graded Work Summaries, and a State Standards Blueprint of standards attempted through coursework.

    Information is stored in secure location with triple redundancy in case of computer loss or failure. Since ReportWriter is not web-based, you can use it anywhere!

    With this user-friendly product, teachers can move from paperwork burdens to quality educational support time with each student and family. Families will appreciate the gentle direction they receive and administrators will see a savings when moving toward guided curriculum choices.

    ReportWriter is flexible enough to use with any type of learner! Whether your students like using textbooks, hands-on projects, arts, or computers, you can use ReportWriter to personalize assignments for each and every one!

    Featured in the CASBO Operations Manual as an exemplary tool!



The cost of ReportWriter is less than the cost of one textbook per student per year. You pay only for those students active in program. Training is included, there are no setup fees, and unlimited phone support gives you peace of mind. And because ReportWriter is curriculum based, monies spent are eligible for SB740 funding!

This is a sampling of our pricing matrix. We also have discounts that your school might qualify for! Contact us for more details.

Student Count 0 -49 50 -499 500 -999 1000 -1499 1500 & up
Base Price: $150/mo.


Pricing is based per student per fiscal year for a 12 month billing cycle. We bill incrementally by student beyond the minimum so that you are only charged for actual usage.

For more information - Contact School Pathways, or call us at: 866-200-6936.