Student Information System

School Pathways

School Pathways Student Information System (SpSIS) is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. SpSIS also interacts with ReportWriter (RW), our specialized program for Independent Study and Alternative Education use and BlueMouse, our ever-evolving virtual classroom tool.

Front Office Solutions:

  • Easy to use web-based system that uses the Real Time Access Model (RTAM).
  • Online student registration.
  • Integrated classes, grade book, report cards and transcripts.
  • Student data - quick view access through information-rich student dashboard.
  • Online student registration.
  • Embedded Documents and Letters.
  • ReportWriter oversight.
  • Historical access to all data.
  • Ability to add custom-made editable fields.
  • Mail-merge, mailing labels, and mass emails.
  • District oversight.

Attendance Solutions:

  • Class-based ADA, Hourly, Home Hospital, Alternative Ed. Only system on the market capable of tracking Independent Study attendance in California.
  • Only system that meets all requirements for electronic signatures on attendance forms.
  • All reports auto-created including ADA Summary, Apportionment Detail by Grade Level, and P1, P2, and YE reports.
  • Attendance by teacher reports.
  • In/Out of District Reports.
  • Student by County Reports.
  • Audit ready-system.

CALPADS Solutions:

  • 100% CSIS Compliant.
  • 100% CALPADS Compliant.
  • Built to stay current with CALPADS. Exports via single-click extract creation.
  • CALPADS compliance reports for easy checking of data BEFORE submission.
  • System automatically sets reporting date.
  • SSIDs from CSIS Gateway directly into student records. No keying mistakes.
  • State Reports: CBEDS-OPUS, SNOR, ASAM, R-30, NCLB, Class Size Reduction.
  • PreID - direct link to ETS.

Teacher Solutions:

  • Curriculum mapping (assignments, assessment, objectives, state standards).
  • Web-based attendance.
  • Grade book integrates with master curriculum, rosters, progress and report cards, transcripts and parent/student portal.
  • Grade book attaches documents to parent/student portal.
  • Personalized master curriculum.
  • Teacher home page with access to master curricula, rosters, grade books, progress reports, report cards, and reports.
  • Email Triggers and Embedded Letters.
  • Student data - quick view access through information-rich student dashboard.
  • Curriculum plans/assignments matched to objectives pre-built $.
  • Links classes to ReportWriter.

Student Solutions:

  • GPA's totally customizable.
  • Progress Reports
  • Citizenship
  • Transcripts
  • Multiple enrollments
  • Discipline tracking
  • Online student class registration
  • Customizable Report Cards/Rubrics/Keys
  • Progress Reports
  • Citizenship
  • Transcripts
  • Multiple enrollments
  • Discipline tracking
  • Online student class registration

Parent/Student Solutions $:

  • Online Student Portal with secure logins for parents/guardians and students.
  • Class schedules.
  • Access assignments and class handouts, grades, teacher personalized comments, class information, and attendance.
  • Communicate with teacher through grade book link email.
  • Online student school registration.
  • Online student class registration.
  • Fieldtrip view and registration.
  • Live assignment links for homework help.

School Counselor/Transcript Administrator Solutions:

  • Easy-to-use transcripts totally customizable.
  • Customizable Cumulative Record "Web" folder.
  • Easy access to student dashboard data including transcript summary and subject details.
  • Contact Manager for student/parent contacts.
  • Four-Year Grad Tracker.
  • Embed Four-Year Plan.
  • ScoreFile Import for all standardized test.
  • Auto import of report cards.
  • Test Registration System for tracking test ordering and day-of attendance.
  • Class Scheduler and walk in class registrations.

Special Education Solutions:

  • Tracks enrollment date, drop date, graduation credits, accommodations, IEP notes.
  • Tracks primary placement, school type, home language, residence status, ethnic background, second ethnic background, primary disability.
  • Track student support information: student learning records, textbooks using, credits earned, attendance.
  • Tracks STAR, CAHSEE, CAPA.
  • Tracks if declined Special Ed Services.
  • Student data export includes Special Ed information.

Test Site Administrator Solutions:

  • Manages all test sites, including student rosters, room numbers, times and proctor requirements.
  • Allows teachers of independent study student to register students for specific test sites and tests students will take.
  • Lists all scores students earned for each test by student name and manages history for any tests including:
    • STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) and separates areas of testing.
    • CAHSEE (California, High School Exit Exam) and separates areas of testing.
    • CELDT (California English Language Development Test)
    • PFT (Presidential Fitness Test).
    • GATE (Gifted and Talented Education).
    • CAPA (California Alternative Performance Assessment).
    • SAT, ACT.
  • Allows for automatic Pre-ID process for STAR, CAHSEE, CELDT through ETS.
  • Test scores tracked - entered by hand, by CSV document load or via State produced CD.
  • Ability to manage test type by student.
  • Ability to print score history for all students.
  • Ability to print summary report for each student's testing results.
  • Ability to print lists of students by demographics, teacher, grade level (Excel).
  • Keeps scores historically.
  • Creates reports of students and tests to be taken by site or room.
  • Features what tests need to be ordered and how tests should be distributed at site.
  • Zoom! Data Director link.


  • Over 20 Attendance Reports with editable data pull capability.
  • Blank attendance rosters to print for substitutes.
  • Future Apportionment Report.
  • Over 25 Enrollment reports.
  • Rosters with medical information attached.
  • Pre-built Board-Ready reports.
  • The ability to query all data fields tracked using Create-a-Report.
  • ASAM, SNOR, NCLB, Class Size Reduction, R-30 Language Census, CBEDS-OPUS.
  • Student summary reports for AP Classes, A-g Classes, Advanced Math and Science classes, graduates, special programs, dropouts, SNOR.


  • Multi-track capabilities.
  • Multi-calendar capabilities.
  • Access by permissions model for each page in system. Some pages view only. Secure passwords.
  • Ability to create multiple programs.

Staffing Solutions:

  • Personal Information.
  • Contact Information.
  • Rooms and assignments.
  • Staff dashboard with basic data at fingertips.
  • Staff credential tracking.
  • Assignments/Job classification.
  • NCLB tracking.
  • FTE and case load reporting.
  • Staff Summary reporting.

Health Tracking:

  • Immunization records.
  • Screening tests.
  • Physical exams (Hearing, Vision, Dental, Scoliosis).
  • Emergency forms.

Full-time Independent Study oversight:

  • Master Agreements - view on student dashboard.
  • Assignment and Work Records.
  • Progress Reports.
  • Report Cards.

Document Archiving $:

  • Save and electronically sign any document created in the system and store it for immediate retrieval from the School Pathways servers.


  • Allows schools to import or export data from SpSIS to other database software packages seamlessly.


  • Live Tech Support.
  • Onsite, Webinar, and LogMeIn tech support.
  • Use of School Pathways Servers.
  • Automatic Updates FREE!
  • No downtime during updates

Basic Package Pricing:  2010/2011

Student Count Set-up Fee Total Yearly Cost
up to 50 $2,500 $2,500
51-499 $3,500 $3,500
500-999 $5,000 $5,000
1,000-1,499 $6,000 $6,000
1,500-1,999 $6,700 $6,700
2,000-2,499 $7,500 $7,500
2,500-3,499 $8,500 $8,500
3,500-4,999 $9,900 $9,900
5,000-9,999 $12,000 $12,000
10,000 and up* $12,500 - $20,000 $12,500 - $40,000
District Office* $5,000 to $40,000 $5,000 to $40,000

Prices updated: 01/01/2010

No extra charge for technical support, ever!
No extra charge for updates, ever! Email and phone support free, always!

Priced at $.50 per student per month. All independent study documents can be archived and stored on our secure servers.
The Open Database Connectivity feature has a one-time set-up fee of $1000 per school plus a monthly fee of $100 for each simultaneous connection allocated to Licensee.
Online Student Registration
Families can enroll students into the school using the new online registration system. System allows for digital signatures and efax for documents such as immunization and birth certificate records. Priced at $1.25 per student per year.

* Please discuss with your School Pathways representative Some features of the Curriculum/Class Management System for Alternative Education Programs may be extra. Training part of your set-up fee.

For more information - Contact School Pathways, or call us at: 866-200-6936.